The powerful collaboration between the UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserve System and Año Nuevo State Park allows visitors from around the world to witness the excitement of jousting elephant seals and learn about the mammal’s important place in our ecosystem. The experience opens productive dialogue regarding the critical role science plays in ocean health and how we all have important roles to play. This dialog is largely made possible by our UC Año Nuevo Reserve director, who facilitates onsite research and then shares their team’s findings with State Park docents and national newsgroups. In turn, the docents communicate the findings to more than 100,000 park visitors every year and the newsgroups to millions of viewers in their homes.

Give to our Natural Reserves Endowment and ensure that our Reserves are a resource for the world in perpetuity.

Research activities are funded by grants, but the support for science communication and research facilitation is dependent on declining public funding. We have recently been informed that there will be no continued funding for the Año Nuevo Reserve director position past 2020. In response, we partnered with the Thirty Petals Foundation to start the Natural Reserve Endowment and set Año Nuevo Reserve as its first priority. By giving to the Natural Reserve Endowment, your gift will ensure that future generations benefit from research and mentorship opportunities and the world will continue to learn from the critical research conducted to preserve the health of our irreplaceable ocean and coastline. If you prefer not to give to the endowment, you can give to the Año Nuevo Natural Reserve Fund to support student education and research programs happening now.